2017 Fantasy Baseball Season is Upon Us

We're all still in first place... for now.

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Three to Avoid: 2017 Relief Pitchers

Closers may not win your fantasy league, but they sure will destroy it quickly, especially in a points league.¬† The combination of lost points for blowing a save, earned runs, a loss, hits/walks will result in a potential week killing... Continue Reading →

Three to Avoid: 2017 Starting Pitchers

Who is being overdrafted? Who should you avoid?

Three to Watch: 2017 Relief Pitchers

  Relief pitchers are more valuable today than ever before in the history of the game. ¬†Teams have been shelling out millions to secure the backend of their bullpen and shorten the game, allowing their Starters to focus on just... Continue Reading →

What Type of League Will You Choose?

How should you set up your league? What are the strategies involved in a points vs. rotisserie league?

Three to Watch: 2017 Starting Pitchers

Who is primed for a breakout season? Who bounces back? Who should you target?

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